Zikar with Tara & Tessa

Joined and Managed a joint-venture family business in West-Africa and Lebanon:

'Farisco Departmental store'© was the first departmental store in Africa established in 1960 introducing a new concept to the African market the shopping capability of the entire products in one structure and under one rooftop.

'Budget Construction & Designing'© a proprietor and project management company in Middle East established in 1972. The company involved in huge construction projects such as luxury residential buildings and commercial centers, the company known for its high quality standards in finishing and durability taking into consideration the smallest detail measures and value for money.

'Farisons Industry'© the first and the biggest wood and laminated sheets factory in Africa established in 1980, the factory is well known in its exceptional numerous designs and high quality production.  

Established first firm in year 1999 called 'Inspiration'© for architecture and interior designing. In year 2000 set up second firm called 'Maalouli International Group'© (MIG) for management and media as well production and organization high caliber international events such as 'Fashion TV' episodes, 'World Super Model' contest, ‘Beirut Fashion Week’  and 'ICEO Awards'.

In year 2006 founded 'Save Our Children'© charity activity, bringing back the smile to thousands of children in need, Arch. Zikar belief women are the creatures of the life form, by merging beauty with children smile is the best achievement and contribution a person can do. As well gave courses and lectures at the 'American University College'© in Beirut.
In year 2018 was appointed Ambassador of the Environment by 'International Cultural and Environmental Organization©' ICEO-INGO, Ambassador Zikar was tremendously active in the regional societies for culture and environment awareness.

Author of a book called 'The Optimist'©, dedicated to his two divine daughters and to the memory of his beloved mother.

'It's not about being the best, it's about trying our best'

Architect Zikar became a distinguished architect, holder of architecture diploma from 'University of Ghana' (Lagon-Accra) in year 1982.

Has two divine daughters Tara and Tessa who both as well are successful architects worldwide.

At the present time Architect Zikar lives between Europe and Middle-East with a successful charity activities and recycling developments, as well enormous portfolio of architecture and interior design for royal families and clients of the very best. Designing palaces, luxury villas, hotels, prestigious cafes & restaurants, buildings, distinctive flats, luxurious brand outlets, public places, government properties, jets and yachts.

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