Zikar meaning, remembrance of GOD, the sacred name of Almighty Allah (in Arabic Zikra Allah) carries the blessings, taste, sweetness, thrill, and peace of mind that is invariably experienced by one who has practiced and remained absorbed in GOD remembrance a considerable time. This name brings joy of the heart and peace of mind.
Zikar as well a sacred dance and bath of remembrance, an ancient form of body prayer from the Middle East. Using simple phrases in Arabic, song and movements, a circle of strangers can come together in an organic harmony.

El Sakhi means generosity in English. It was designated due to kindness and openhandedness by most of the family members.

Maalouli family decant throughout the world from Maaloula village, one of the most scenic villages and the oldest ancient Christian villages in the Middle East and the world, and of particular interest as the only place in the world where Aramaic; the language spoken by JESUS CHRIST still used as a living language, Maalouli assistors have served CHRIST through His Pass. 

The word Maaloula means entrance in Aramaic, referring to its dramatic location at the entrance to a rocky gorge when the mountain was split into half by Mar-Taqla.

Maaloula Located 50 km from Damascus in the direction of Lebanon, altitude of 1,500 meters with a population of about 2,000, a unique village, with the old historical sprite, a magnificent plaque that contains a strange mixture of past and present, reality and legend, sanctity and beauty. Visitors both Christians and Muslim pilgrims come to Maaloula village seeking blessings and purity and invariably remark on the unique feeling of living history and the suspension of time.

Name Origin And Roots
Architect Zikar from a Mediterranean origin parents (Fares and Mary) who immigrated in 1958 to Accra, Ghana. His father was dedicated to education and adventure; at that time, he could only afford to pay his 2 day’s journey ticket to Africa. He started working 18 hours a day on a small trading business scale. Within a few years he obtained the Ghanaian citizenship and became a tycoon in trade and industry in West Africa.

Maaloula village


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