The Optimist Book Cover


Architect Zikar was nominated and awarded the 'Interior Design Best Of Year Awards' for designing and executing a floating dinning table (4.80x1.40cm) suspended from the ceiling with no base. The table was designed in Arabesque art consists of a series of repeating geometric forms, an unending continuous pattern in which each leaf grows out of the tip of another, handcraft by the best craftsmen. This award has placed Zikar between the top recognized designers in the region.

'Year 2012, SAve Our Children'

We should all learn how to live in peace and share this holy land of the world, and accept to live equally with love and peace. We all are devout believers and worship the land of our ancestors, only we should not convert this land to be a fundamentalist and radical for our children.

This land shares three faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam, three major religions have a long history in acts of war against each other in the name of the LORD, but the three religions have shared and continue to share much more than fundamentalist and radical wars, they embrace and believe in a single LORD called by different names, in Latin "God", in Arabic "Allah" and in Hebrew "Yahweh", they call upon similar teaching.

Whether we are Christians, Moslems or Jews we have an invisible bond, it is this holly land, we should embrace and thank the LORD for granting us this land, we eat and drink from its wealth, whether we like it or not, at the end there is no winner and loser. This is our land, means all of us, our roots belong to this land let us share it and work together for its prosperity not its destruction and eliminating each other.

We have only one land to live on. It is wise to share it, instead of fighting for it.

Architect Zikar is not a preacher or politician, simply a man half way through his life and a father of two divine daughters wants to share and live in PEACE and LOVE in this part of the world.

'Year 2015, The Optimist'

'Year 2010, Interior Design Best Of The Year Awards'

'We get the awards and you get the rewards'

Architect Zikar is publishing a book called 'The Optimist'© dedicated to his two divine daughters and to the memory of his beloved mother.

These are few lines from his book about the Middle East conflict:

No matter what language we speak,
No matter what color of skin we live in,
No matter what religion we belong to,
No matter what our beliefs.

We need to claim our birthrights in this region of the world. We need to live unconditionally, in peace and dignity on this wealthy land. There is place for all of us to live equally.

Architect Zikar believes women are the creatures of the life form, and by merging beauty with children smile is the best achievement and contribution a person can do. Founded a charity activity called 'Save Our Children'© as well conducted & launched the song "SOC". Zikar organized several gala dinners, hosted numerous of celebrities with the collaboration of CNN© & Euro News©. The profits was donated to the SOS Village© and Unicef Child Abuse© funds, bring back the smile to thousand of children in need.

Architect Zikar was appointed Ambassador of the Environment by 'International Cultural and Environmental Organization©' (London-UK).
Helping others to help the culture and the environment. dedicated to maintain a natural, safe and clean environment, so that our children can enjoy the beauty of the resources that we have to work hard to generate, as well presenting effective recycling solutions to institutes and governments.

'Year 2018, Environmental Ambassador'